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  • Sushi Sauce 5g
    Sushi Sauce 5g

    Product name: sushi sauce


      Sushi sauce, specially made for dipping sushi sashimi, is fresh, sweet and delicious with rich taste. This kind of soy sauce, selected from northeast non transgenic defatted soybeans and high-quality winter wheat in Shandong Province with a 200 day growth cycle, has a high-quality and active strain growing with music. After more than half a year of constant temperature and closed fermentation, the content of preservative is 0%. We brewed every bottle of soy sauce as if we were pregnant with life, bringing more healthy and delicious food.


      The difference between sushi sauce and ordinary soy sauce is that its sweetness is better than that of ordinary soy sauce in inhibiting the fishy smell of seafood. Its soft taste makes raw food more delicious.

      Its mellow and delicious, together with horseradish sauce, the perfect combination of seasonings, together to build a delicious, for raw food lovers, there is no more exciting taste.

    Net content: 5g

    Packing: Bag

    Storage method:Preservation at room temperature

    Shelf life: 12 Months

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