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  • Horseradish powder 10
    Horseradish powder 10

    Product Name: No. 10 horseradish powder


      Selected natural growth horseradish as raw material, using traditional processing technology. In line with the enterprise tenet of making healthy condiment and constantly exploring higher product quality, Rongchang company has 0% ingredients in all series of seasonings, preservatives and chemical additives. Rongchang No.10 horseradish powder has excellent materials, complete color, fragrance and strong pungent taste. The hot taste is continuous and full of momentum. Different from the similar products produced with starch and chemical pungent as the main raw materials in the market, this product has a unique formula and delicate taste, which is the first-class favorite among similar condiments in the market.

    Net content: 1000g

    Packing: bag

    Storage method:Cool and dry place

    Shlef life: 18 Months

    Add of National Sales Center : Yongfeng Village, Fuzhou Town, Wafangdian City, Liaoning Province


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