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  • Zero Fresh Horseradish Siamese bag
  • Zero Fresh Horseradish Siamese bag
    Zero Fresh Horseradish Siamese bag

    Product name: Zero Degree Fresh


      Spicy taste, mild taste, sweet, retain the pungent taste but not choking nose; squeeze directly on sushi or sashimi without soy sauce, taste better.


      Handmade selection of super horseradish as raw materials, dedicated to 20 years of research, the birth of this subversive horseradish products. In order to fully reflect the rich taste and fresh fragrance of fresh horseradish, Rongchang company keeps the constant temperature storage of zero degree centigrade in the process of raw material, production, processing, storage, transportation and finally arriving at the terminal market. The scientific and perfect preservation system and strict product management system guarantee every food in Rongchang from the source to the dining table. The product is made of pure fresh horseradish without any additives, and the preservative content is 0%. The fresh smell of fresh horseradish and the unique fine fiber taste are the criteria for judging this star product.

    This product can be mixed with soy sauce, and can be used with a variety of delicacies, such as seafood salad, salad, sashimi, sushi, cold noodles, Japanese and Korean cuisine, various hotpots, etc.

    Net content: 2.5g fresh horseradish sauce + 5g soy sauce

    Packing: Mini Siamese bag

    Storage method: frozen

    Shelf life: 12 months

    Add of National Sales Center : Yongfeng Village, Fuzhou Town, Wafangdian City, Liaoning Province


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