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  • Rongchang Horseradish Sauce 43g
  • Rongchang Horseradish Sauce 43g
    Rongchang Horseradish Sauce 43g

    Product name: Rongchang horseradish sauce


    Spicy taste, mild taste, sweet, retain the pungent taste but not choking nose; squeeze directly on sushi or sashimi without soy sauce, taste better.


    This horseradish paste is made by slicing, drying and grinding the large horseradish root without any injury. After scientific proportion and 33 processes, it is refined. Rongchang food not only guarantees the product quality, but also further upgrades the packaging. It is the first to introduce star mounted flower nozzle nozzle, so that you can make dishes with high appearance without superb cooking technology.

    In line with the enterprise tenet of making healthy condiment, the content of preservative, chemical pungent and other ingredients in all series of Rongchang condiments are 0%.

    This product can be mixed with soy sauce, and can be used with a variety of delicacies, such as seafood salad, salad, sashimi, sushi, cold noodles, Japanese and Korean cuisine, various hotpots, etc.

    Net content: 43g

    Packing method: Composite aluminum tube

    Storage method: Preservation at room temperature

    Shelf life: 12 months

    Add of National Sales Center : Yongfeng Village, Fuzhou Town, Wafangdian City, Liaoning Province


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