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  • Chilli spicy horseradish sauce
    Chilli spicy horseradish sauce

    Chilli spicy horseradish sauce

    Horseradish is becoming more familiar and used by everyone. In addition to being an essential seasoning for various raw seafood and cold dishes, its medicinal value is also marveled at by world medicine.


    This super chrysanthemum horseradish sauce is blended with horseradish powder. It has a bright green color, spicy aroma, and has a strong choking sensation at the entrance, with a strong pungent spicy taste of tearing. It can stimulate the sense of smell and taste. Can remove fishy smell, and has sterilization and disinfection, promote digestion, increase appetite. This product uses a composite aluminum-plated bag, which is convenient for storage and carrying, and is a standing condiment for home travel. It is an indispensable spicy seasoning for Japanese and Korean cuisines. It is better with Rongchang sauce.

    In line with the business purpose of making healthy condiments, all series of condiments of Rongchang Company do not contain any preservatives, chemical spicy agents and other ingredients.

    Packing: Mini bag

    Net content: 2.5 grams

    Storage method: Preservation at room temperature

    Shelf life: 12 Months

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