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  • Starting this year, Liaoning Province launched a new version of
  • Starting this year, Liaoning Province launched a new version of

       It was learned from the Food and Drug Administration of Liaoning Province that from this year, Liaoning Province will launch a new version of the "Food Business License", and the new version of the "Food Business License Review Rules" will be released simultaneously. The new version of the catering service license review requirements, catering service providers must display the key parts and important links through the use of transparent glass windows, video display, partition low walls or set up a visit window and other "bright kitchen bright stove" way to display.

       Before that, Liaoning province did not take "bright kitchen stove" as a rigid requirement for examination. Meanwhile, Internet food operators without physical stores are not allowed to apply for all food production and sale projects. Group meal delivery units should be equipped with closed special transport vehicles and special closed transport containers. Students' canteens, kindergartens' canteens and on-site canteens of vocational schools, ordinary secondary schools, primary schools and special education schools are not allowed to apply for the production and sale of cold food, raw food, or flower cake.

       Food sales operators are not allowed to set up their business premises in areas prone to pollution. They should be more than 25 meters away from pollution sources such as manure pits, sewage pools, exposed garbage sites, and latrines. Operators engaged in the sale of health food, formula food for special medical purposes, infant formula milk powder and infant formula food shall be equipped with trained and assessed food safety management personnel. Operators engaged in food sales through the Internet shall apply for network operation mode and provide facilities and equipment with the functions of on-site login to the applicant's website, webpage or online shop for the examination of the licensing authority.

       It is understood that food business applicants can apply online through the website of the provincial food and drug administration, fill in basic information and upload electronic certification documents. The old version of "food circulation license" and "catering service license" will no longer be issued and can continue to be used within the validity period. The validity period of the new version of food business license has changed from three years to five years.

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