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  • Dalian establishes a demonstration zone for export horseradish quality and safety in Wafangdian
  • Dalian establishes a demonstration zone for export horseradish quality and safety in Wafangdian

       The construction of Wafangdian Export Horseradish Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone, the first export agricultural product quality and safety demonstration zone in our city, was officially launched, and Deputy Mayor Sun Guangtian unveiled the demonstration zone. According to reports, the construction of the demonstration zone will have an important demonstration and guidance role for the quality and safety of agricultural products, export and industrialization of agricultural products in our city.

       Wafangdian is known as "China's first hometown of horseradish ". It has a history of more than 30 years of planting, mainly concentrated in the city of Fuzhou. It has become the main species of economic crops in the city. In the early stage of the development of horseradish industry, our city mainly provides primary raw material products for Japanese horseradish processing enterprises. With the introduction of processing technology by local companies and their maturity, the horseradish sales market has gradually expanded from Japan, South Korea and Europe. Up to now, the export volume of horseradish products in our city accounts for more than 70% of the international market share, of which Japan and South Korea account for more than 80%, and the market share in Europe and America also reaches 60%. Wafangdian has also become the largest horseradish products in the international market. Export base. According to statistics, led by processing enterprises such as Dalian Rongchang Food Co., Ltd., horseradish planting in our city has been stable at about 40,000 mu, and most of them are implemented by order planting. According to the introduction of the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Agriculture Commission, the construction of the horseradish export demonstration zone will effectively change the contradictions of the city's inconsistent standards for horseradish planting, inadequate processed products, and dishonest production and sales orders, and further occupy the broader domestic and foreign markets. The income of horseradish growers will also be greatly increased due to the improvement of product quality.

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