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  • Early Warning Regulations for the Safety of Tongue Tips: Reading
  • Early Warning Regulations for the Safety of Tongue Tips: Reading

        At the fifth plenary meeting of the Food Safety Committee of the State Council, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that food safety is a major basic livelihood issue for everyone. It is necessary to correctly understand the current food safety situation and stage characteristics in China, accelerate the establishment and improvement of a long-term food safety mechanism, and strengthen Transformation of government functions and integration of functions, clarification of responsibilities, shifting the focus of work downwards, never avoiding contradictions, grasping the "bull nose" and touching "hard bones", focusing on chaos in accordance with the law and never being weak, building a food safety defense line and ensuring that the people are "on the tip of the tongue" Security". The country is people-oriented, people take food as the first priority, and food as the first priority. Food safety is the basis for protecting human life and health and improving the quality of human life. Therefore, it is very important to improve the sound management regulations to ensure food safety.

        The book "Research on Early Warning System of Food Safety" written by Cheng Jingmin and published by Economic Daily Press pointed out that although relevant functional departments of the Chinese government are actively constructing and improving early warning systems of food safety, some provinces and cities are also studying the early warning framework applicable to them. And models to implement the food safety risk prevention and control into actual supervision, but the construction of the food safety early warning theory system is not yet perfect. The methods and applications of food safety early warning evaluation and prediction, especially in combination with actual cases, are few and It is in the exploration stage.

        In recent years, many major food safety incidents have occurred in my country, on the one hand, it has caused harm to consumers, on the other hand, it has also exposed the weak supervision and control of my country's food cultivation and breeding, production and processing, business circulation, catering consumption and other fields. How to establish a complete food safety prevention system from the aspects of assessment and prevention, dig out potential food safety hazards and issue warnings in time, so as to achieve early detection, early prevention, early treatment, early resolution, and minimize losses, which is worthwhile Pay attention to and need to strengthen research.

        At present, the regulatory tools related to food safety supervision mainly include legal, administrative, economic and social regulatory tools. Administrative regulatory tools mainly include four aspects: system, system, law enforcement and technology. The early warning system is one aspect of technical research. . Starting from the current situation of food safety and the supervision system, the book makes a detailed analysis of the application of regulatory theory in food safety supervision, food safety early warning theory and its analysis methods, construction elements, empirical research, etc., and proposes to establish and improve food safety traceability System and suggestions for continuous improvement of the food safety recall system, thereby improving China’s food safety supervision system.

        This book conducts qualitative research on the food safety early warning system from the perspective of regulatory theory, and strives to provide practical food safety related knowledge and information for the majority of food safety workers in China, and strives to become a propellant for innovative scientific research ideas and provide science for government decision-making. Reliable basis to better improve and improve the quality of life of the people, protect the health of the public, maintain the stable development of society, increase the economic strength of society and promote international food trade.

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