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  • Integrate and adjust sanitary licenses and food business licenses for catering establishments
  • Integrate and adjust sanitary licenses and food business licenses for catering establishments

         Approved by Premier Li Keqiang, the State Council recently issued the "Decision on the Integration and Adjustment of Public Place Sanitation Licenses and Food Business Licenses for Catering Services" (hereinafter referred to as the "Decision").

         The "Decision" proposes to abolish the sanitation licenses issued by the local health department to four types of public places such as restaurants, cafes, bars, and tea houses. The relevant food safety licenses will be integrated into the food business licenses issued by the food and drug regulatory authorities. One department permits, unified supervision. This reform involves 2.43 million catering companies and 14.45 million employees in the country, which is conducive to effectively loosening the burden on enterprises, encouraging entrepreneurship, expanding employment, and promoting economic growth.

        The "Decision" requires that after the cancellation of public place sanitation permits in catering service establishments, food and drug regulatory authorities at all levels shall effectively implement the supervision responsibility for catering enterprises, further standardize the approval and issuance of food business licenses, and carry out in accordance with laws and regulations and standards Prior review, compile service guide, formulate internal review rules, optimize the approval process, shorten the approval time limit, implement the time limit commitment system, and strive to improve the efficiency of certification.

         The "Decision" emphasizes that local food and drug regulatory authorities should strengthen post-event supervision of food and beverage service establishments, improve supervision methods, establish a credit system, improve the scientific spot check system, responsibility traceability system, blacklist system and market exit mechanism, etc. to ensure Food safety in catering services. After receiving the report of the epidemic situation and hidden dangers of infectious diseases, the food and drug regulatory department shall promptly notify the health department. The health department should take the initiative to monitor, collect, analyze, investigate, and verify the epidemic situation of relevant infectious diseases, and take preventive and response measures in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Law.

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